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Newcomer of the Year Finalist: Clare Murray on building Blume Equity & investing in sustainable companies

This episodes features an exciting conversation with Clare on the story behind Blume Equity and bridging the funding gap in European climate tech. Don't miss Clare's notes below ⏬

Celebrating one of the finalists in the Newcomer of the Year category at this year’s European VC Awards, this episode dives deep with Clare Murray, co-founder and Managing Partner of Blume Equity.

Blume Equity is a climate-tech growth equity firm investing in companies driving sustainable outcomes for planet and people. With offices in Amsterdam and London, and based in Luxembourg, the fund invests in European growth-stage companies, with core regions being the UK, Benelux, the Nordics, Germany, and Ireland.

Some of the most notable investments include:

  • Sensorfact, a provider of an IoT data solutions that enable European industrial SMEs to reduce energy usage.

  • Aerones - a leading robotics company providing inspection and maintenance services to the wind turbine industry.

  • Normative - a carbon accounting platform focusing on Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions for large enterprise clients.

  • Matsmart Motatos - a Swedish company tackling FMCG food waste.

I highly encourage you to read Claire’s notes below and tune in for this episode.

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  • 03:29 Celebrating Bloom Equity's Nomination

  • 04:13 Claire's Journey to Co-Founding Bloom Equity

  • 06:36 Introducing the Co-Founders of Bloom Equity

  • 08:27 Bridging the Funding Gap in European Climate Tech

  • 09:35 Analyzing the European Funding Ecosystem

  • 25:19 Bloom Equity's Investment Thesis and Market Approach

  • 33:47 Exploring LP Bases and Global Investment Dynamics

  • 34:02 Growth Stage Investment Frustrations with Early Stage VCs

  • 34:38 Timing and Preparation for Market Entry

  • 36:32 The Importance of Strategic Venture Fund Relationships

  • 40:48 Navigating the Challenges of Establishing a New Fund

  • 44:37 Brand Building and Strategic Networking for Success

  • 48:02 Key Learnings on Personal and Professional Growth

  • 53:24 The Art of Influence and Valuation in Venture Investing

Journey into venture capital

  • Started off in traditional investing at Goldman Sachs in NY

  • Spent majority of my career in sustainable investing

  • First at BlackRock, where I helped to build their sustainable investment platform – particularly excited about supporting private companies solving global challenges

  • Then LeapFrog, a growth equity impact firm

  • Prior to co-founding Blume Equity

Growth stage funding gap in climate tech in Europe

  • Robust European venture ecosystem – funds, government entities, angels

  • Despite the fact that Europe creates more new startups than the US (and has consistently for every one of the past five years), the number of scale-up businesses in the EU, particularly unicorns, lags behind the US. While companies from the two regions have the same likelihood to scale to a $1 billion-plus outcome, the easier access to capital in the US has propelled more US companies to this milestone

  • European clean technology start-ups have attracted less than half as much funding as their US counterparts

  • Impact the IRA has on European climate-tech start-ups. Investment as US counterparts since the IRA’s package of climate subsidies and tax credits was announced.

  • European traditional investors conservative and hyper focused on profitable companies

  • Fragmented funding options for growth stage companies (some family offices, some government entities, some European funds, some American funds…)

  • Lower valuations in Europe versus US

  • Positive efforts via The European Investment Bank’s Scale-up Initiative (€500m to foster the growth phase of innovative European technology companies).

  • More European funds raising at scale


  • Shout out to my co-founders; this is like a marriage

  • Shout out to a LP – Abegg & Co – catalytic in providing us with warehouse capital enabling us to invest together in advance of Blume Equity

  • Supportive with references // co-investments

3 biggest learnings from last 10 years in your life.

  1. When something isn’t right, make a change sooner rather than later

  2. Have a personal Board of Advisors – make sure you keep them updated versus just reaching out to them for asks

  3. Investing is a people business

Advice to your 10 year younger self.

  • Back yourself

  • Bring people along the journey

  • Moisturize

Top tips for emerging VCs fundraising.

  • Do deals – must be on strategy

  • Identify early investors

  • Build a brand

  • Momentum is everything

Most counterintuitive learned in VC.

  • Price isn’t the end all, be all

  • While important to have the right legal protections going into an investment, its not everything à all about influence and alignment

  • Be loud and proud of what you don’t know

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