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On technical founders and solving hard problems with Marie Brayer, Partner at Fly Ventures

Join us as Freddie Macpherson and Linda Võeras bring you a new inspiring story in VC and a conversation on technical investments and more.

Join us for a new episode of the NEUVC series dedicated to those embarking on their journey in the VC. In this episode, Freddie Macpherson, Associate at Isomer Capital, and Linda Võeras, Investment Manager at Karma Ventures, are joined by Marie Brayer, Partner at Fly Ventures.

Fly Ventures is an early-stage deep tech and tech-heavy B2B software specialist fund. They are the first-check VC for technical founders and invest from day zero to seed, backing founders from all over Europe.

Marie has a background in finance and a keen interest in engineering. Before joining Fly Ventures in 2022, she worked with Serena Capital, where she invested and worked with more than 10 French B2B startups, including Descartes Underwriting, Lifen, Malt, and Kili Technology.

Marie is always looking to help founders who really want to take on a huge technical challenge. Make sure to listen to Marie’s inspiring story on today’s podcast episode below.

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  • 00:58 Marie's Journey into Venture Capital

  • 03:54 From Software Engineering to Venture Capital

  • 06:23 The Evolution of the French Tech Ecosystem

  • 08:35 Expanding Horizons: From France to Europe

  • 10:20 Joining Fly Ventures: A New Chapter

  • 11:47 The Changing Landscape for Technical Founders in Europe

  • 12:26 Education and Ecosystems in Tech Success

  • 16:53 The Diverse Paths to Success in European Tech

  • 20:22 The Strategy Behind Winning Deals Across Europe

  • 22:46 Supporting Deep Tech Founders: Risks and Rewards

  • 29:27 Navigating the European VC Landscape

  • 42:02 The Future of Board Dynamics in Early-Stage Startups

  • 47:08 The Power of Side Projects in Venture Capital

  • 49:40 Advice for New VCs: Embrace the Intensity

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