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On the evolution and future of access control management with Johannes Keienburg & Carlos Espinal [Startups in Focus - Seedcamp Podcast]

In the first episode of the newly launched “Startups in Focus” series, Carlos Espinal from Seedcamp chats with Johannes Keienburg, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Cakewalk.

Today, we have a different episode for you, introducing you to the first episode of the newly launched Startups in Focus series by Seedcamp.

This first episode features Carlos Espinal, Managing Partner of Seedcamp, in a conversation with Johannes Keienburg, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Cakewalk, on building access management processes.

Their conversation revolves around:

  • The importance of access control, visibility, and security in organizations.

  • Insights on the need for access management processes.

  • The challenges of data security.

  • The evolution and future of access controls.

  • … and more that you can discover below.


  • 00:03 Launching Seedcamp Podcast Series: Startups in Focus

  • 00:45 Meet the Guests: Carlos Espinal and Johannes Kainberg

  • 01:14 Diving Deep into Access Management with Cakewalk

  • 03:02 Johannes's Journey to Founding Cakewalk

  • 05:05 Addressing the Challenges of Data Security

  • 05:45 Understanding Customer Outreach and Engagement

  • 10:33 Integrating SaaS Products for Enhanced Security

  • 10:46 The Future of Identity and Access Management

  • 15:57 Implementing Access Controls in Companies

  • 18:23 Envisioning the Future Organization with Cakewalk

  • 19:37 Role-Based Access and Its Evolution

  • 22:09 Advice for Founders on Early Security Steps

  • 25:49 Closing Thoughts and How to Connect

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