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Super Angel #204 Anna Brandt and Noor van Boven from Invested on Angel Investing as a Team

Super Angel #204 Anna Brandt and Noor van Boven from Invested on Angel Investing as a Team

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In the dynamic realm of venture capital and angel investing, partnerships forged by shared vision and mutual strengths often lead to remarkable success stories. Enter Anna and Noor, a formidable duo who have not only established themselves as angel investors but have also carved a unique niche through their venture firm "Invested". With an unwavering focus on accelerating startup growth, Anna and Noor seamlessly blend their strategic insights with financial backing, driving innovation at the intersection of Fintech and HR Tech.

Their collaborative journey, a culmination of years of friendship and professional camaraderie, began within the tech industry where they first crossed paths. Recognizing their shared entrepreneurial spirit and the potential of their combined talents, they dreamed of launching a business together. Though it took time for this aspiration to materialize, once their vision took root, there was no stopping them.

Core Insights and Learnings from the Interview with Anna and Noor:

  • Start with problems that ignite genuine excitement and align with personal values: In the episode, Anna and Noor emphasize the importance of being genuinely excited about the problems startups aim to solve.

  • Seek solutions that revolutionize industries, not just incremental improvements: It’s clear that the duo's investment thesis revolves around fostering disruptive and creative solutions. They seek startups that introduce entirely new dimensions to industries, redefining norms and pushing boundaries.

  • Place immense value on founders and their vision, investing in people and dreams: Anna and Noor's philosophy centers on a deep connection to founders. Their investments extend beyond products and ideas; they invest in people and dreams. This personal alignment stems from their belief in the transformative power of founder passion.

  • Even with modest check sizes, provide support through network and expertise, becoming true partners. While Anna & Noor’s funding might not be monumental, they recognize the value of their network and expertise. They provide support that goes beyond capital, forming a comprehensive partnership that shapes startups' trajectories.

  • Invest with a methodical strategy while continuously learning and refining investment indicators: The structured nature of Anna & Noor’s investment strategy isn't just about selection; it's about tracking and learning. Anna and Noor's introspective approach allows them to refine their understanding of successful investments, benefiting both startups and their growth as investors.

  • Focus on niche areas where domain knowledge and functional expertise align: By aligning their expertise and passion with niche areas like HR tech and FinTech, Anna and Noor create a compelling value proposition. Their deep understanding of these spaces, combined with their functional expertise, allows them to identify startups with transformational potential.

  • Emphasize a founder's adaptability and understanding of the domain for success: Anna and Noor highlight the significance of founders in their approach. They focus not only on the current state of a product but also on a founder's capacity to pivot, evolve, and overcome challenges. This perspective underscores the crucial role founders play in a startup's success.

  • Offer valuable support while setting clear expectations and respecting limits: Anna and Noor stress the importance of clear communication and mutual expectations. They've mastered the art of offering support while respecting boundaries, ensuring that both parties are aligned on the journey ahead.

  • Learn from others' generosity and wisdom within the angel investing community: The unexpected generosity and collaboration from fellow investors have greatly influenced Anna and Noor's journey. Their experience underscores the value of sharing wisdom and knowledge within the angel investing community.

  • Focus on guiding founders through the complexities of growth in tech companies: The evolving role of people in tech companies aligns with Anna and Noor's expertise. They are well-equipped to guide founders through the complexities of growth, offering insights beyond just financial support.

In their angel investing journey, Anna and Noor embody these insights, demonstrating how a combination of passion, structured strategy, and genuine connection can define a successful approach to angel investing.

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Cultivating Angelic Synergy: Anna and Noor's Voyage into the World of Startup Investment

Anna and Noor's voyage into the realm of angel investing finds its origin in the convergence of their professional trajectories and a steadfast friendship. Their narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a collaborative past, where their compatibility wasn't just evident but inherently profound. Meeting during their tenure at a certain company, they discovered a shared resonance that transcended the ordinary bonds of camaraderie. Their connection possessed a rare quality, akin to a symphony that harmoniously blended their aspirations, intensifying the vibrancy of their collaborative pursuits.

Their history comes alive through their shared memories, reflecting on a commitment made over a decade ago — a commitment to someday embark on a joint business venture. Given their predisposition for action, it's unsurprising that this commitment eventually bore fruit. Their entrepreneurial yearnings, simmering beneath the surface, waited for the opportune moment to manifest, held back only by their shared impatience, which rendered them among the most ardent champions of immediate action. When the stars aligned, they seized the moment to establish their enterprise, christened "Invested."

What enriches their narrative is the blend of their distinct yet harmonious expertise. Anna, a luminary in the multifaceted realm of HR, transplanted her skills to Berlin, playing pivotal roles in shaping the people teams at SoundCloud and N 26. In parallel, Noor gravitated toward the intricacies of talent management within the burgeoning tech landscape. She seamlessly infused her strategic and operational finesse into the growth narratives of tech giants like 96, Uber, and Solano. Both brought a reservoir of experience — a fusion of HR finesse and tech mastery — which laid the bedrock for their foray into angel investing.

The seeds of "Invested" were sown during a revelatory moment, accompanied by a bottle of wine, just two years ago. United by an indomitable work ethic and a burning desire to forge a substantial impact, they translated their vision, aspirations, and the intricate amalgamation of their talents onto paper. This document became their guiding light, propelling them on a mission to catalyze startup growth, a journey seamlessly interweaving consulting and investment.

As they recount their story, it's evident that Anna and Noor's motivation is anchored in an unwavering commitment to nurturing founder journeys. Their methodology achieves a remarkable equilibrium, dedicating half their efforts to strategic counsel and technical insights through consulting, while the remaining half funnels into financial investment. This dual-pronged approach forms the bedrock of their strategy, an elegant synergy of expertise and capital infusion.

Their investment avenues span the gamut from pre-seed to Series A and beyond. Amid this diversity, a clear focal point emerges — the juncture where HR tech and FinTech coalesce. This unique standpoint empowers them to identify startups poised to harness the transformative potential of these dynamic domains.

Anna and Noor’s Investment Thesis & Strategy

In the intricate realm of angel investing, Anna and Noor's approach radiates with a meticulous structure and an unswerving dedication to transformative impact. Their journey is not just a financial endeavor, but an intricate strategy woven to uplift startups that redefine industries and shape the trajectory of work.

Problem Illumination and Passionate Alignment: Anna and Noor's journey initiates with the profound recognition of problems startups aim to solve. But their selection isn't rooted in mere recognition; it's driven by an authentic passion to tackle issues that resonate with their commitment to meaningful change. Their discerning excitement sets the bar for their investment criteria, favoring problems that kindle their fervor.

Innovative Disruption as Imperative: Innovation and disruption are sacred to this dynamic duo. Their pursuit is not merely of solutions, but of revolutionary transformations. At the core of their strategy lies a thirst for ingenuity, a desire to back ventures that redefine industries through pioneering solutions that reshape entire landscapes.

The Human Nexus: The cornerstone of Anna and Noor's philosophy is their profound emphasis on the human element. Their faith doesn't rest just on products but on the visionaries behind them. They understand the heartbeat of startups, emphasizing an unbreakable connection and unwavering faith in the founding teams. Their investment is an acknowledgment that startups are woven from dreams, fueled by individuals with compelling narratives.

Investment Amplification and Collaborative Bond: Anna and Noor's angel investments surpass financial transactions. They recognize that while their funding might not redefine financial landscapes, their influence can be transformative. Their engagement transcends capital; it encompasses harnessing networks and expertise, forging a comprehensive alliance that magnifies a startup's trajectory.

Measuring Triumph and Ever-Evolving Voyage: The structured core of their approach isn't just a procedural choice; it's a compass for gauging success. For Anna and Noor, tracking the trajectories and indicators of their investments is a route to sharpening their acumen. Their odyssey is an incessant loop of learning and refinement, driven by the aspiration not just to succeed, but to excel as investors.

Niche Embrace, Enriched Mastery: Anna and Noor's expertise finds its zenith in the crossroads of HR tech and FinTech. While inquiries beckon them from various avenues within the people space, their strategic finesse directs them to untapped niches, like compensation. Their profound understanding of these realms, coupled with an expansive network, births an environment where their influence is potent and significant.

Championing Founders, Prioritizing Pivot: In the universe of startups, the product often claims center stage. Yet, Anna and Noor's resounding reminder echoes: the founder is the nucleus. Their focal point remains steadfast on the founder's domain comprehension and their capacity to navigate the intricate web of building a victorious product. Their perspective underscores the pivotal role of founder-oriented investment.

In their unfolding narrative, Anna and Noor underscore that their investment doctrine is more than a playbook; it's a testament to their dedication to catalyzing innovation, evolution, and profound bonds. Their strategy is interwoven with an indomitable pursuit of solutions that foment transformation and an unwavering faith in the individuals who kindle these solutions. This dynamic ethos sets the stage for an alliance resonating through every phase of a startup's expedition, from inception to pivotal achievement.

Nurturing Wisdom: Anna and Noor's Insights from Angel Investing

Anna & Noor’s voyage truly stands as a testament to the profound impact of meticulous structuring, intuitive discernment, and steadfast support for startups. Within this narrative, they unfurl the bedrock learnings that have meticulously shaped their approach, offering a glimpse into the inner mechanics of their investment philosophy.

Igniting the Spark of Problem Solving: Their journey embarks with an unerring gaze fixed upon the problems that startups seek to unravel. Yet, Anna and Noor's ardor transcends mere challenges; it reserves itself for quandaries that resonate, igniting a fervor for change. The problems they champion are those they can envisage tackling themselves with unwavering zeal.

A Guiding Light of Disruptive Innovation: At the heart of their investment thesis, a lodestar of disruptive innovation navigates their path. Contentment eludes them in the realm of incremental change; their compass points to revolutionary solutions that upend industry conventions. Their commitment to nurturing innovations that chart entirely new trajectories within sectors forms the bedrock of their strategy.

Founders, The Pulsating Heartbeat: Amidst strategic frameworks and market assessments, Anna and Noor's doctrine is deeply rooted in their profound connection with founders. Their investments transcend notions of mere ideas or products; they burgeon as investments in people, dreams, and the trailblazers propelling startups forward. This alignment surpasses the realm of checkboxes; it burgeons as a conviction that founders' fervor can sculpt the future.

Investment's Resonant Impact: In acknowledging that their monetary contributions might not be monumental, Anna and Noor unveil the potency their networks and expertise bring to the table. Their investments transgress the confines of capital; they germinate into holistic partnerships wherein their engagement can mold trajectories. Their focal point on founders interlaces harmoniously with an unwavering commitment to be partners in every conceivable sense.

"We really need to have a connection and a belief in the founding team... that we can make a difference to those people." - Noor

Pioneering the Journey of Triumph Tracking: Their structured investing approach transcends the act of discerning; it evolves into a journey of continuous tracking and learning. Anna and Noor are avid learners, persistently refining their grasp of the facets underpinning successful investments. This evolution isn't solely for the advantage of startups; it embodies a relentless endeavor to hone their expertise as investors.

Navigating Passion and Proficiency: The convergence of their expertise and passion has shaped the contours of their investment focus. Within the vast expanse of HR tech, they've unearthed their niche within HR and FinTech, sectors hungering for disruption. The amalgamation of their domain proficiency and functional mastery births a compelling value proposition for startups.

Founders' Centric Lens: Anna and Noor's emphasis on founders permeates every facet of their approach. Their gaze isn't solely fixed on a product's present state but on a founder's ability to pivot, evolve, and circumnavigate challenges. Their creed reverberates that products may pivot, but it's a founder's indomitable spirit that fuels triumph.

Support as an Art: Their roles as angel investors transcend the act of signing a check; they unfurl as beacons of support. Anna and Noor's expedition has bestowed upon them the wisdom of effective communication and mutual expectations. They've mastered the art of providing sustenance while upholding their boundaries, ensuring a harmonious alignment on the path forward.

From Serendipitous Encounters to Strategic Alliances: The unexpected benevolence of those who've walked before them has imprinted itself profoundly upon Anna and Noor. Their journey is fortified by a community of individuals ready to impart wisdom and insights. This spirit of collaborative resonance persists as an enduring source of inspiration.

Founders' Growth, A Shared Voyage: The strategic ascendancy of people within tech companies marries seamlessly with Anna and Noor's domain mastery. They stand poised to shepherd founders through the labyrinthine corridors of growth, imparting insights and counsel that surpass the realm of mere funding.

As their narrative unfolds, Anna and Noor's revelations underscore the fusion of art and science inherent in angel investing. Their art is kindled by passion, chiseled by structured strategy, and anchored in the human essence. Their journey serves as a reminder that within the tapestry of investing, triumph isn't solely measured by returns; it reverberates through the impact engendered, bonds forged, and the enduring growth of those they champion.

🔫 The Quickfire Round 🔫

Q: Since you embarked on angel investing, what's the most counterintuitive thing you've learned?

That's definitely time.

First, during the funding round, there’s most often a big pressure cooker environment. You need to make quick decisions, stir each other up, act fast, and organize everything to seal the deal.

And then once you get in, you're excited for a minute, and then absolutely nothing happens for years.

It's a bizarre realization to have."

Q: What are your top tips for angels wanting to do more international investments?

Make sure you have a clear profile that distinguishes you from other angels. That profile can be your expertise, the segment you're in, or your network. It's important to profile yourself in the market with that expertise to stand out.

Q: What advice would you give your 10-year-younger self?

Stay impatient. It might be a challenging trait, but when combined with curiosity, it leads you to rewarding and exciting adventures.

And in addition to that, believe in yourself. You often think others have it all figured out. But the closer you get, you realize everyone's just trying to figure things out. So, believe in yourself and move forward.

This episode was made possible by our friends over at Vauban from Carta - the easiest way to launch & run your fund and syndicates. It’s no secret that we at are happy and heavy users of the Vauban platform as it allows us to punch out more content for you guys without bogging us down in back-office hassle.

Investors on the Vauban platform have raised over $2.5bn in global investments for companies including Revolut, Bolt and SpaceX.

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