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Welcome At The Cap Table

Welcome At The Cap Table

A podcast series dedicated to amplifying the voices of top female investors who are taking the industry by storm, hosted by Sarah Finegan from Antler & Chloe Dagnell and Savitri Tan at Isomer Capital

Expect fascinating stories from Balderton's Rana Yared about her invaluable experiences from taking many companies from seed to successful exit, hear from industry experts like Speedinvest’s Deepali Nangia, who will share what it's like to who will share what it's like to make a move from angel investing into VC. Check Warner from Ada Ventures will discuss building a global movement to address barriers to entry in the industry, and we'll learn, amongst many others.

This podcast is not limited to a single nation but will bring you perspectives from investors all across Europe and beyond. We'll hear from investors in the UK, Germany, France, and more!

Your hosts for this podcast series count are none other than Sarah Finegan from Antler & Chloe Dagnell and Savitri Tan from Isomer Capital 🚀

We are also supported by the firms we work for. Antler , the world's leading day zero investor and the most active early-stage VC firm in Europe, made an impressive 102 investments into European startups in 2022. We are committed to further increasing our investment rate this year to support the emerging world-class founder talent in Europe.

Isomer Capital, on the other hand, supports technology-enabled entrepreneurs throughout Europe through VC fund commitments, co-investments, and providing liquidity via secondary purchases of funds and companies.

Whether you are an investor seeking to learn from top investors across Europe or a founder looking to raise capital, this podcast is a must-listen for all early-stage investing enthusiasts.

So, let's dive into the exciting world of venture capital and uncover the stories behind the success of Europe's most influential investors.

Let's go!