Jan 16 • 37M

Super Angel #01 Roxanne Varza, Station F, on investing internationally and being a baby LP in venture funds

The first episode of The Super Angel Podcast is out 🥳

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Today, we're happy to welcome you to Roxanne, Director of Station F in Paris, as one of Europe’s absolute leading startup havens. Roxanne is broadly recognized as one of the most influential figures in the French if not the European startup ecosystem. French media have called her the "young empress of startups", the "queen of tech", and "the new pope of high-tech and startups in France." Roxanne is an Iranian-American who grew up in Silicon Valley, was formerly a journalist and startup ambassador before being headhunted to spearhead the development of Station F.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • All about Roxanne's angel journey

  • What's been Roxanne's most memorable moments investing

  • What angel investing has given Roxanne professionally and personally

  • How Roxanne thinks about investing cross borders and being a "baby LP" in VC funds

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