Jan 16 • 35M

Super Angel #02 Keith Grose, Plaid, on the importance of grit, trust, and communication

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Today we are happy to welcome Keith Grose, Head of International for Plaid, an open finance platform and data network that powers over 3,000 digital financial apps and more than 12,000 financial institutions across the US, Canada, UK and Europe. Keith leads the strategy and operations for Plaid’s international products.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Keith thinks about solo founders and why he believes having angels & VCs around you is even more important for these

  • Why Keith thinks grit is the number one thing to look for and how he tests for it

  • Why establishing trust and psychological safety is so important to angel investing

  • Why Keith prefers Whatsapp and email to regular reporting and how that can save communications from going bad

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