Jan 16 • 39M

Super Angel #03 Joe Cross, Ex-operator Angel on thesis development, building networks and adding value

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Today, we're happy to welcome Joe Cross, early stage angel investor, with a portfolio of around 25 companies so far, and LP in Cocoa. He focusses on companies with the potential to make a positive impact at scale, and helps founders on growth & marketing challenges across a whole mix of sectors. Previously, he was employee #12 at (Transfer)Wise, where he wore various marketing & growth leadership hats from 2012-2020.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Joe thinks about applying his ex-operator skill set to add value to founders & why it’s often operations and tactics over strategy!

  • Why Joe’s investment thesis is centered around Good, Big & Fast and how he thinks about impact investing.

  • Why Joe is changing strategy from having done 25 investments in just 2 years to doing fewer more concentrated bets in the time to come

  • How Joe thinks about building valuable networks to access and win the best deals

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