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Super Angel #04 Julia Morrongiello, ZeroHash

Super Angel #04 Julia Morrongiello, ZeroHash

New episode of The Super Angel Podcast is out 🥳

Today, we're happy to welcome you to Julia Morrongiello, an ex VC, turned operator, turned angel investor. She is the Head of Growth Europe for Zero Hash, a crypto-as-a-service provider whose clients include the likes of Stripe, Moonpay, Curve and Interactive Brokers. Julia spent most of her career working as a VC investor at Point Nine and GFC and now continues to invest in fintech and crypto as an angel and scout for Accel. Since starting her career as an angel investor a little over a year ago, she's invested in 10 companies and 1 VC fund.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Julia’s journey from VC to Operator to Angel & the value it brings to her both professionally and personally

  • How investing in women can be a better investment on both the hard and soft metrics

  • Why angel investing is the most giving hobby in the world!

  • Reflections on power law investing, upside maximization and why you can only get as much as you give

  • The importance of paying attention to unconscious biases and how to create processes that protect you

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