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#07 David Nothacker, Sennder

#07 David Nothacker, Sennder

On his most memorable deals, board construction, investment strategies and how he leverages LP investments.

Today, we're happy to welcome David Nothacker, angel investor, CEO & co-founder of Sennder, a digital truck freight forwarding business. Together with his co-founders, David has built up a team of over 1,000 employees across eleven offices in Europe. In the process, they have been supported by strong investors such as Scania, Accel and Project A, and have secured over €300 million in funding.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why David considers his investments into Gorillas and Cargo 1 his most memorable angel deals

  • David’s learnings from managing startup boards

  • Why David has two different, yet synergistic, investment strategies: investing early in logistics & supply chain startups and co-investing with VCs in opportunistic deals

  • How LP investing can complement your angel activities when starting to do more international investments

  • How angel investing makes you a better, more experienced business leader

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