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#09 Eduardo Ronzano, Secret Fund

#09 Eduardo Ronzano, Secret Fund

New episode of The Super Angel Podcast is out 🥳

Today, we're happy to welcome you to Eduardo Ronzano, a Spanish tech entrepreneur and angel investor. He founded KelDoc, one of the top online booking platforms for hospitals in France and sold it to NEHS insurance group. Eduardo is the managing director of Secret Fund - an undercover entrepreneur fund based in Paris.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Eduardo’s mom got him into angel investing following the sale of his first company

  • How to stay aligned with your entrepreneurs and the importance of being authentic

  • How Eduardo follows a strategy of only doing initial investments and what this gives him as an angel

  • Why reputation is the number one thing in angel investing

  • The importance of asking yourself why you are angel investing and how connecting with founders has been the biggest personal take-away for Eduardo

  • Why angel investing is like being a boxing coach, not a football coach

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