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#10 Francesco Simoneschi, TrueLayer

#10 Francesco Simoneschi, TrueLayer

New episode of The Super Angel Podcast is out 🥳

Today, we're happy to welcome you to Francesco Simoneschi, Co-Founder and CEO at TrueLayer. He is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has founded and grown a number of successful tech companies in the US and Europe, including analytics platform which was acquired by PlayHaven, and mobile marketing platform Upsight.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Francesco thinks about being the first check-in versus following a larger group of co-investors that he already trusts. When he does one, and when he does the other

  • Why Francesco sees his investments as an ecosystem play more than just financial investing

  • His reflections on going from running his own VC firm to becoming an angel investor

  • How he manages his time as an angel investor running TrueLayer and doing his angel investing only in the evenings

  • His thoughts about bridge rounds and follow-ons as an angel

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