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#53 Gary Sheynkman, Leyden Ventures

#53 Gary Sheynkman, Leyden Ventures

Gary Leyden, co-founder and GP of Leyden Ventures an early stage fund operating out of Dubai and have invested in breakout companies like Coinbase, Superhuman, and Instacart long before they occupied the front page of TechCrunch. And importantly, he’s also the host of [🌮⭐ TacoStars](, the largest founder social community in the UAE and is hands-down one of the funniest guys we’ve brought on to the show 😍

In this episode you’ll learn

- What has Gary so excited about the MENA region’s ecosystem and what he thinks everyone gets wrong
- Gary’s views on fundraising in the MENA region and
- The story behind Tacostars, Leyden VC and Gary’s love for rolling funds, SPVs and plug and play fund admin