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The go-to place to connect and invest with the best European VCs at radically lower tickets than ever before ✊

Who are the EUVC community members?

We all belong to one or more of the following categories:

👷‍♀️ >50% are Founders & operators.

👼 >40% are VCs & angels.

🏆 >20% are Ecosystem champions.

💰 >10% are Limited Partners & Fund-of-Funds.

What brings us together?

For a mix of reasons, but primarily:

🤝 To build network and relationships across Europe.

📖 To build insights & skills.

🤑 To get exposure to the asset class that we all love

Seems that the opportunity to get connected to the best European venture investors while reaping LP returns is a pretty good combination 💡

Join the EUVC community

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Our raison d’être

"If you can't invent the future, the next best thing is to fund it" - John Doerr, renowned VC.

Luckily, we're bound for a revolution of the private markets. Just like the one we saw for public stocks in the late 1900s. And it's by time; for decades private markets have outperformed the public markets.

But for the vast majority - people like you & me - the model has been broken.

As the world transitions to an evermore tech-based economy, venture capital stands to reap the lion's share, with the best fund managers showering investors with double digit returns.

Luckily bold "VC entrepreneurs" are moving the needle on this.

We’re one of them and we invite you to join us in our community syndicates.

Invest as little as 1k€ in Europe’s best venture funds ✊

Our Community syndicates

In startup land, syndicates of super angels & micro VCs have made their mark. Some that we’ve fallen in love with (😍;💰) are Christian Stiebner, Marc McCabe, Anthony, & Carmen and (and of course many more - some mentioned, too many forgotten).

“The value add to a founder from 20 people, is likely significantly higher than that from some of the tiger cubs.”

Vinoth Jayakumar, GP @ Molten VC on The European VC ep. #21

Just like founders, VCs should have kickass syndicates to back them. That’s exactly what we’re building.

What we’re not building is a place your mom & pop to get exposure to VC. Other people are working on that and we applaud their efforts. But it’s not what we’re about.

We’re all about bringing the ecosystem together to back our beautiful continent’s great emerging VCs - with cash and with our superpowers.

So, how to get involved?

  • Join the EUVC Community and let us know how you want to be involved. We always ask if you want to act as a scout, operator or expert so we can build the community around that.

  • Subscribe to this substack to get our memos & listen to our pod for in-depth interviews with VCs

  • Find and invest in the emerging VCs you love

  • Spread the word ! 📢

Your friends can make a huge difference. Help us spread the word.



Andreas Munk Holm✌️
Andreas is Europe's LP hypeman, aka co-founding partner of The European VC - the go-to podcast and connector of the European venture industry. When not juggling toddlers, Andreas brings the European venture ecosystem together around investing into VC
Taisa Echterhoff
Producer at the EUVC Podcast
David Cruz e Silva 🎙
David is Europe's LP dealmaker, aka co-founding partner of The European VC - the go-to podcast and connector of the European venture industry. When not house-jumping, David applies his OCD-like traits to orchestrate LP deals for the EUVC community.