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We’re building & leading operator LP syndicates for the best founders, angels and VCs in Europe.

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Who are we?

We’re a community of founders, operators, angels, VCs, & LPs.

We’re here to make a difference - for the founders we invest in, for the investors we invest with and for the world we live in.

We’re active investors and we don’t like hang-arounds. Join us if you’re serious about being part of a vested community of VC insiders.

We optimize for impact and prioritize the investors with the biggest commitment and value add to the funds we invest in. While anyone can join the EUVC LP syndicate, the members of each individual syndicate is designed with the GP in question and optimized for strategic fit.

We’re pioneering that LPs don’t have to be wealthy old dudes. For us, what matters is your impact, not your net worth.

We build vested communities with the funds that are changing the world 🌍. We meet virtually, in person, whatsapp, and do everything we can to create an atomic network around each fund that’s second to none.

We aspire to build a family, rather than a business.

The spirit of the EUVC LP syndicates incarnated - all love 💞when Andreas & David reunited with Enis Hulli from 500 Emerging Europe.

In the news 🗞️: Isomer Capital brings the EUVC founders aboard as Venture Partners - “anything but the status quo”

The move isn’t quite a “traditional” Venture Partner addition to the roster, as the grand plan is for Andreas and David to help VCs build their funds via the EUVC content platform and its syndicates that allow them to build vested communities of founders, operators, angels, and VCs as "Operator LPs.”

Read the article here.

The fam 💞

Andreas and David have a completely different approach and toolbox to us through their content, events, and syndicate, which will bring immense value to our portfolio, partners, and more emerging managers […] We’ve known each other for quite some time now, and found that we were almost always discussing the same things, working toward the same goal. We simply didn’t get around to formalising the relationship until recently.

Joe Schorge, founding managing partner of Isomer Capital

Hear the origin story and vision 🎧

About the EUVC Media world

We’re building the go-to media world for European VC insiders.

It all started with the launch of our podcast The European VC which dives deep with Europe’s best VCs on their thesis, strategies and operations.

And we’ve since launched The Super Angel Podcast which is dedicated to angels backing the next generation of Unicorn founders 👼.

And finally, our weekly EUVC Lowdown podcast covers and meme-fies the European VC news week with the key people making the headlines.

Our partner podcasts are run by tech leaders that create niche content that we love and want to support.

Our Linkedin’s are stupid, spammy and sometimes insightful. You can connect with Andreas here and David there 💞

About the EUVC events

We’re bringing the ecosystem together

Our virtual events dive deep on topics pertinent to the European VC ecosystem in a way that’s accessible and down to earth 🌍. We do everything from open LinkedIn Lives to more regular calls for our sub-communities.

Our physical events can be likened to family get-togethers but with fellow VC nerds. And probably also slightly more extreme. We do cookouts, we do climbs, we do anything you haven’t done before and probably also some which you likely wouldn’t do if you didn’t do them with us.

Interested in supporting the community? Do reach out to Andreas and we’ll see what we can do together ✊

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Andreas Munk Holm✌️
Andreas is Europe's LP hypeman, aka co-founding partner of The European VC - the go-to podcast and connector of the European venture industry. When not juggling toddlers, Andreas brings the European venture ecosystem together around investing into VC
Taisa Echterhoff
Producer at the EUVC Podcast
David Cruz e Silva 🎙
David is Europe's LP dealmaker, aka co-founding partner of The European VC - the go-to podcast and connector of the European venture industry. When not house-jumping, David applies his OCD-like traits to orchestrate LP deals for the EUVC community.