🏆 EUVC Awards

The curtain has fallen on the Awards Ceremony at SuperVenture, and we are beyond thrilled to reveal the winners of the EUVC Awards!

The atmosphere was electric, and the reception was nothing short of spectacular. With hundreds of nominations pouring in from all corners of Europe, the competition was fierce across every category, from founders to VCs and LPs.

Remember, while we are honoring five exceptional firms today, this celebration is a tribute to every single one of you who is out there hustling and grinding. This award is a testament to our shared dedication and relentless pursuit of innovation.

A massive shoutout to our sponsors and partners—without your unwavering support, this event wouldn't have been possible:

Now, let’s dive into the details and celebrate our champions!

Newcomer of the Year: Amino Collective

The Newcomer of the Year award shines a spotlight on emerging managers who bring something fresh, unique, and innovative to the European venture landscape.

This year's winner is Amino Collective, who has wowed us with their impressive achievements:

  • Blazing through their fundraising journey, Amino Collective secured a staggering €40M in record time, with the round eagerly snapped up by Tier 1 Limited Partners.

  • Their initial investments are nothing short of stellar, promising impressive returns and the potential to revolutionize entire industries.

  • At the helm, Manuel Grossmann, the solo GP at Amino Collective, has swiftly risen to prominence, becoming a leading authority in their specialized field.

  • Topping off their achievements, Amino Collective clinched an incredible €150 million in follow-on funding, drawing in heavyweights like A16Z, Index Ventures, and Accel, who recognize their groundbreaking potential.

Bravo, Amino Collective, for blazing a trail in the venture capital world!

Achievement of The Year: WVC:E

The Achievement of the Year award recognizes a firm that has driven groundbreaking changes and fostered inclusivity within the VC space.

This year's winner is WVC:E, who has been a game-changer.

  • WVC:E has forged dynamic partnerships with firms and industry stakeholders, revolutionizing LP-GP relationships to ensure equitable access to capital for female-led funds.

  • They've teamed up with influential organizations like EIF, KfW, Big Society Capital, Isomer, BBB, BPI, and many more, creating a robust support network for emerging female fund managers.

  • The impact of WVC:E’s contributions is crystal clear through the triumphs of their incubator and accelerator programs, which have significantly amplified the participation and representation of women in venture capital.

Hats off to WVC:E for their transformative efforts and outstanding achievements!

Exit of The Year: Capnamic for the exit of LeanIX

The Exit of the Year award celebrates the fund that has orchestrated the most value-creating exit, epitomizing the true spirit of venture capital returns.

This year's winner is Capnamic, who has showcased extraordinary foresight and unwavering commitment with their investment in LeanIX:

  • Embarked on their journey with LeanIX in Fund I (2013), demonstrating long-term vision and dedication by persistently investing through multiple rounds.

  • When Fund I reached its investment ceiling, Capnamic ingeniously established a single deal SPV to continue their robust support and investment in LeanIX.

  • According to Cambridge benchmarks for the vintage of Capnamic Fund I (2013), the returns from the LeanIX exit alone catapulted the fund’s DPI well above the upper quartile.

In the turbulent 2023 exit market, this achievement shines as a beacon of triumph for European venture capital. The acquisition of LeanIX by one of Europe’s largest companies, SAP, in Q4 2023, underscores the profound impact and significant value creation of this exit.

Congratulations to Capnamic for this remarkable achievement!

Firm of The Year: Seedcamp

The Firm of the Year award honors the firm excelling in financial performance, innovation, impact, diversity, transparency, and fairness.

This year, Seedcamp has emerged as the model of excellence:

  • Seedcamp has demonstrated extraordinary achievement and leadership in the venture capital arena, consistently delivering stellar returns and setting new industry benchmarks.

  • They've maintained impressive diversity metrics, cultivating a richly diverse team and portfolio that reflects their commitment to inclusivity and excellence.

  • Navigating through the tech reset and the past year's challenges, Seedcamp masterfully executed successful exits, showcasing their resilience and pioneering spirit in the face of adversity.

Congratulations, Seedcamp, for setting the gold standard in venture capital!

Hall of Fame: Neil Rimer, founder of Index Ventures

The Hall of Fame award pays tribute to a veteran who has left an indelible mark on the European VC ecosystem over the past two decades.

This year's honoree, Neil Rimer, who co-founded Index Ventures in 1996 and has been a guiding luminary ever since. Renowned for his profound and empathetic advice, Neil continues to mentor and support founders with unwavering dedication, offering insights that are both deeply insightful and transformative.

His contributions have been instrumental in shaping the venture capital landscape, and his legacy continues to inspire the next generation of innovators.

Thank you, Neil, for your legendary contributions and steadfast commitment to the venture capital community!

Looking ahead to 2025

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who submitted nominations and provided invaluable feedback—your participation is the heartbeat of these awards.

We're already excited about the 2025 EUVC Awards, which promise to be even bigger and better. Stay inspired, keep innovating, and let's continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible!