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👋 Upcoming in-person events we’re hosting

There’s nothing we like better than getting Europe’s best and brightest together around good food, drinks and conversations that go truly deep.

Coming soon.

📅 Upcoming virtual events

From time to time, a podcast is just not enough. Check out our roundtables and live events below.

GP/LP Roundtable: Empowering Women in Innovation & Venture | Friday, Jul 5, 2024, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CET) | Register here

Gender diversity in VC isn’t just a buzzword—it's a power move that drives innovation and profitability. 🤘 Balancing the scales in the investment world means more creative solutions and stronger economic growth. Ignoring this is so 2010s. 🕰️

GP/CVC Roundtable on AI in The Physical World | Thu, August 14, 2024, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (CET) | Register here

AI is flipping industries on their heads, from health to farming. Get the scoop on what’s real and what’s just sci-fi. With a vertically specialized micro VC, a Robotics CVC with major acquisitions behind him and a generalist who just can’t stay away from the space, you’ll be in the know after listening to this conversation 💸

GP Roundtable: Leveraging AI in Portfolio Monitoring & Management | 📆 Mon, Sep 9, 2024, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (CET) | Register here

This roundtable is a must for GPs looking to get an edge using AI. By tapping into AI-driven analytics and predictive modeling, VCs can unlock hidden trends and streamline their operations. Plus, tackling early risk assessment can save portfolios from tanking 💥. It's about staying ahead in a cutthroat world.

📺 Past virtual events

Investing & scaling in Romania and beyond | Watch it here.
Speakers: Bogdan Iordache, Founding Partner at Underline | Karolina Mrozkova, General Partner at Credo Ventures | Dan Mihăescu, Founding Partner GapMinder | Jakob Stein Investor at Creandum | Enis Hulli, Founding Partner at 500 Emerging Europe | Marius Istrate, ex-UI Path CPO & Chairman at TechAngels

Is Crypto Back? | 📺 Watch it here.
Speakers: Jan Baeriswyl, Founding Partner at Very early | Felix Machart, Partner at Greenfield | Anirudh Pai, Partner at Dragonfly.

Acing LP Relationships | 📺 Watch it here
Alexander Langholz-Baikousis, CFO at Cherry Ventures | Simon Lohmann, Head of Platform & IR at Cavalry Ventures | Chloe Dagnell, Principal at Isomer Capital | Sophie Heijenberg, Investor at No Such Ventures | Enrico Ohnemüller, Founder & CEO of bunch

The Evolution of European Venture | 📺 Watch it here
Speakers: Yaron Valler, Founding Partner at Target Global | Chris Wade, Founding Partner at Isomer Capital | Kerry Baldwin, Founding Partner at IQ Capital

Data-Driven Portfolio Modeling | 📺 Watch it here
Speakers: Joel Larsson, Founding GP of Pale blue dot | Jon Coker, Founding GP of Eka Ventures | Joe Schorge, Founding GP of Isomer Capital | Anubhav Srivastava, Founder & CEO of Tactyc

The Impact of AI on VC | 📺 Watch it here
Speakers: Fred Destin, Founding Partner of Stride | Andre Retterath, Partner at Earlybird | Claude Ritter, General Partner at Cavalry | Ekaterina Almasque, Founding Partner at OpenOcean

Winning with non-dilutive funding | 📺 Watch it here
Speakers: Kemper Ahl, Vice President at Industry Ventures | Joe Schorge, Founding Partner of Isomer Capital | Martijn de Weaver, Founder of Floww

Raising in The Current Market | 📺 Watch it here
Speakers: David Dana, Head of VC Investments at EIF | Christian Roehle, Head of Investment Management at KFW Capital | Michael Sidgmore, Co-Founder & Partner at Broadhaven Ventures | Joe Schorge, Founding Partner of Isomer Capital

Rise of Angel LP Syndicates | 📺 Watch it here
Speakers: Joachim Laqueuer, Founding GP at Acrobator Ventures | Marc Penkala, Founding GP at Altitude VC | Michael Sidgmore, Founding GP at Broadhaven Ventures

Angel Investing in the current environment | 📺 Watch it here
Speakers: Marc Penkala & Ingo Drexler, Founding GPs of Altitude

How to evaluate deals and assess risk-return potential? | 📺 Watch it here
Speakers Marc Penkala Founding GP of Altitude

🗓️ The VC Conferences You Can’t Miss

There are some events that just have to be on the calendar. Here’s our list, hit us up if you’re going, we’d love to meet!

SuperVenture | 📆 4 - 6 June | 🌍 Berlin, Germany

Nordic LP Forum & TechBBQ | 📆 11 - 12 September | 🌍 Copenhagen, Denmark

How to Web | | 📆 2-3 October | 🌍 Bucharest, Romania

WVC:E Summit 2024 | | 📆 7-8 October | 🌍 Paris, France

North Star & GITEX Global | 📆 14 - 18 October | 🌍 Dubai, UAE

Invest in Bravery | 📆 21th of October | 🌍 Kyiv, Ukraine

0100 Conference Mediterranean | 📆 28 - 30 October | Milano, Italy

GITEX Europe 2025 | 📆 23 - 25 May 2025 | 🌍 Berlin, Germany