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Raising 500 M€ with Daniel Keiper-Knorr, Founding Partner at Speedinvest.

Join us for a great conversation on how Speedinvest took a different approach and raised raise €500M during and after the tech reset.

We sat down with Daniel Keiper Knorr, founding partner of Speedinvest for a discussion on what he thinks allowed them to raise 500 million during and after the tech reset.

What ensued was a conversation revealing how Speedinvest decided to diverge from traditional VC practices by dedicating substantial resources including the full time attention Daniel, one of the founding partners, to fundraising and investor relations.

This conversation ONLY focuses on the raise process, dynamics and learnings, to understand the thesis behind the fund, go read the original launch post of Speedinvest IV by Oliver Holle.

Can’t get enough of Daniel? This is our second conversation with Daniel, you can listen to his key insights on fundraising in MENA in our previous episode here as well as watch our webinar on fundraising from last week here.

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  • 03:34 Daniel's Journey into Venture Capital

  • 04:02 The Evolution of Speedinvest

  • 05:15 The Unique Approach to Fundraising

  • 06:28 Navigating Fund Generations

  • 07:21 Experiencing Market Cycles and Pivots

  • 08:28 The Strategy Behind Speedinvest's Latest Raise

  • 11:22 Adapting to Changing Market Conditions

  • 12:26 The Impact of Macroeconomic Changes on Fundraising

  • 16:19 Pivoting the Narrative Around the Fund

  • 21:11 Differentiating Between Seed and Growth Stage Investing

  • 24:56 Advice for Fund Managers Raising in Europe

  • 26:03 Understanding LP Preferences and Building Relationships

  • 27:41 Creating Urgency Among LPs

  • 28:53 Thoughts and Advice for Future Fundraisers

✍️ Show notes

Key learnings from the episode

Economic sensitivity and its implications for venture capital
One of the most striking revelations from Daniel’s experience is the profound impact of global economic conditions on venture capital dynamics. He delves into how the sudden shift in LP inquiries from portfolio-centric to macroeconomic concerns mirrored the broader economic uncertainties, highlighting the necessity for VCs to be economically astute. This sensitivity to macroeconomic shifts is not just about staying informed but about integrating this understanding into the strategic narrative of the fund. Daniel’s recount of adapting Speedinvest’s narrative in response to changing economic sentiments underscores the importance of this adaptability not as a reactionary measure but as a strategic imperative. It serves as a compelling reminder that venture capital, while focused on the future, must navigate the present’s economic realities.

The art and science of LP communication
Daniel’s emphasis on transparent and ongoing communication with LPs underscores a fundamental pillar of successful venture capital operations. The strategic approach to communication — viewed through the lens of building trust and managing expectations — is both an art and a science. Daniel illustrates how Speedinvest’s preemptive communication strategy, especially in times of strategic pivots or market volatilities, has been instrumental in reinforcing trust with LPs. This proactive engagement goes beyond regular updates, encompassing a nuanced understanding of LP preferences, concerns, and the strategic dissemination of information to mitigate surprises and align expectations. It’s a testament to the view that in the realm of venture capital, effective communication is as crucial as financial acumen.

Navigating shifts with agility and insight
The conversation further illuminates the critical importance of agility in the face of market shifts. Daniel’s narrative brings to life the concept of strategic adaptability — not just as a response to changing market conditions but as a proactive stance in anticipation of these changes. This agility, underpinned by a thorough understanding of both the venture ecosystem and broader economic indicators, is pivotal for the relevance and efficacy of venture funds in fluctuating times. It’s about the capacity to pivot not just in strategy but in the narrative, ensuring that the fund remains aligned with the evolving priorities and concerns of investors.

Leverage of experience in winning confidence
Speedinvest’s journey through various economic cycles, as narrated by Daniel, accentuates the invaluable role of experience in the venture capital landscape. This seasoned expertise, characterized by a history of navigating booms and busts, is a cornerstone in building and sustaining LP confidence, particularly during turbulent market conditions. Daniel’s reflection on Speedinvest’s strategic decisions, underpinned by decades of collective experience, underscores the trust that experience engenders in investors. It’s a poignant reminder of the weight that history and track record carry in the venture capital arena.

The strategic importance of local markets
Finally, Daniel’s insights on the significance of local markets in Speedinvest’s fundraising success story offer a compelling perspective on the value of nurturing local investor relationships. Despite the allure of global expansion, the substantial support from within Austria highlights the untapped potential and strategic importance of home markets. This aspect of Speedinvest’s strategy underlines a broader lesson for the venture capital community: the power of local ecosystems as a bedrock for support and growth. It challenges the venture capital ethos to look beyond the global horizon and recognise the value lying within their immediate geographical and economic contexts.

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