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EUVC #141 Patrick Newton, Form Ventures

The holy grail of AI: the promise of building a truly intelligent machine

EUVC #140 Sergey Jakimov, LongeVC

EUVC #139 Sasha Kaletsky, Creator Ventures

EUVC #138 Enis Hulli and Kaan Eren, 500 EE

How to manage your angel investments

EUVC Newsletter | 16.12.22 🗞️

EUVC #137 Jean Bourcereau, Ventech

Who are the hipsters, hackers and hustlers of European VC?

Using online demo days as a deal sourcing machine

EUVC #136 Oliver Holle, Speedinvest

Our next act: The Super Angel Podcast 👼

EUVC #135 Gil Dibner and David Peterson, Angular Ventures

EUVC #134 Guillaume Fournier, Credo Ventures

EUVC Newsletter | 02.12.22

Isomer Capital brings the EUVC founders aboard as Venture Partners: anything but the status quo

It’s our mission to connect European Venture 🤗

EUVC #133 Alan Poensgen, Antler

EUVC #132 Charlie Graham-Brown, Seedstars

EUVC Lowdown | 27.11.22

How do you land a cover story? | Replay available now 👀

EUVC #131 Reshma Sohoni, Seedcamp

EUVC #130 Romain Diaz, Satgana

The Lowdown | 18.11.22

EUVC #129 Frederik Groenewegen, 415 Capital

What are syndicate leads lacking in Europe?

EUVC #128 Bogdan Iordache, Underline

EUVC Lowdown | 13.11.22

EUVC #127 René Savelsberg & Julia Padberg, SET Ventures

Virtual | From Bubble to what? Making sense of the current market | Replay available now 👀

EUVC #126 Rémy and Ulric, Vauban

The Lowdown | 7.11.22

EUVC #125 John Dutton, World Economic Forum, & Sandra Osborne Kartt, ImpactAssets

EUVC #124 Special Episode - Braving Innovation at EUVC - Nada Ahmed

EUVC Lowdown | 01.11.2022

The EUVC Cookout at Web Summit | 📅 31/10/22

EUVC #123 Perspectives of LPs and VCs on the current market situation - Engaged

EUVC #122 Tim Draper, Draper Ventures

EUVC #120 Why should business Angels invest in VC?

US vs EU: The Battle of the 🦄's

EUVC #121 Bo Ilsoe, NGP Capital

The Lowdown | 23.10.22

EUVC #119 Borys Musielak, SMOK

The Lowdown | 14.10.22

#118 Juan Alonso-Villalobos, Startup Wise Guys

Firm Spotlight | Closing our deal into Pacenotes

#117 Mick Halsband, Lunar Ventures

#116 Marvin Liao, Diaspora Ventures

In Person | EUVC Syndicate Dinner in Prague🥂 | 📅 11/10/22 8-12 PM CET

The Lowdown | 7.10.23 🗞️

#115 Hampus Jakobsson, Pale Blue Dot

The Lowdown | 30.09.22 🗞️

#114 Sharif El-Badawi, Dubai Future District Fund

#113 Peter Sandberg, Nordic Secondary Fund

#112 The Memo: Startup Wise Guys, Cristobal Alonso - Fractory

In Person | EUVC Syndicate Dinner @ How To Web 🥂 | 📅 21/09/22

#110 Audrey Soussan, Ventech

The Lowdown | 16.09.22

#109 MENA Special Series - Laila Hassan, Algebra Ventures

#108 Maria Dramalioti-Taylor, Beacon Capital

Part I: Learnings from pioneering LP syndicates

Firm Spotlight | Startup Wise Guys

#107: Special Series with Lindsay and Kemper of Industry Ventures on Navigating the current market

Join us for the EUVC Syndicate dinner at TechBBQ 🥂 last chance to claim your seat!

#106: Francisco Ferreira Pinto, Bynd Venture Capital

#105: Omar Almajdouie, Raed Ventures

The Lowdown | 05.09.22 🗞️

#104: Gesa Miczaika, Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund

The Lowdown | 26.08.22

#103: Daniel Tomov, 11 Ventures

Introducing: The Lowdown 🗞️

#102 Rando Rannus, Siena Secondary Fund

Firm Spotlight | Acrobator Ventures

#101 MENA Special Series - Kenza Lahlou, Outlierz Ventures

#100 David & Andreas interviewed by Tom, Affinity

#99 Jamie Macfarlane, Creator Fund

#98 John Frankel & Maciej Skarul, ffVC

#97 Anthony Danon, Cocoa Capital

#96 Lindsay Sharma & Kemper Ahl, Industry Ventures

Final close on Acrobator Ventures🎬

#95 Apostolos Apostolakis, VentureFriends

#94 Laurens Groenendijk, Dutch Founders Fund

#93 Special Series with Tom Wilson of Seedcamp on Navigating the current market

#92 Jimmy Fussing, Heartcore

#euvc stands with Eastern Europe ✊

#91 Special series with Chris Wade of Isomer Capital on Navigating the current market

#90 Alex Santos, Chamaeleon

#89 Special Series: Jimmy Fussing of Heartcore on Navigating the current market

#88 David Braga Malta, Pictet

#87 Special series with Oliver Holle of Speedinvest on Navigating the current market

#86 Tom Wilson, Seedcamp

#85 Special Series: Shmuel Chafets of Target Global on Navigating the current market

#84 The memo: Startup Wise Guys, Cristobal Alonso

#83 LP Roundtable with Pacenotes, August & AlphaQ on navigating the current market

Firm Spotlight | Pacenotes

#82 Maria Palma, General Partner at Kindred on ushering in equitable venture capital

#81 Dilek Dayinlarli, Founding GP of ScaleX Ventures on Founder carry sharing schemes

The mini-memo: Fund to back leading DeepTech community in London

Virtual | Raising VC funds in uncertain times with Chris Wade from Isomer Capital | Replay available now 👀

#80 Stephan Heller, Founding GP of AlphaQ on raising a 1bn€ FoF

#79 Special NextGen VC episode with Michelangelo Valtancoli, Stride VC

#78 Joe Schorge, Isomer Capital

#77 John Dutton, World Economic Forum & Catherine Dupere, Isomer Capital

#76 Will Klippgen, Cocoon Capital

#75 Danijel Visevic, World Fund

#74 Pedro Ribeiro Santos, Armilar Venture Partners

#73 Mathias & Julian, Speedinvest

#72 Mads Jensen, SuperSeed

#71 Andris Berzins, Change Ventures

#70 David Ventzel, Accelerace Invest & Overkill Ventures

#69 Mike Suprovici, VC Lab

#68 Andrea Traversone, Amadeus Capital Partners

#67 Johan van Mil, Peak Capital

#66 Mike Reid, Frog Capital

#65 LP Roundtable with Chris Wade, David Dana & Ertan Can

#64 Radu & Andrei, SeedBlink

#63 The Memo - Acrobator Ventures, Joachim Laqueur & Mike Reiner

#62 Marc McCabe, Nomad Capital

Virtual | Creating category kings with Al Ramadan (PlayBigger) & David Peterson (Angular) | 📅 11/04/22 9-10:30 PM CET

Firm Spotlight | 500 Emerging Europe

#61 Andreas & Kevin, Sapphire Ventures

#60 The Memo - Pacenotes, Jeroen Van Doornik & Menno Rijnsburger

#59 Julius Bachmann

#58 Vlad Tropko, Digital Horizon VC

Update on the EUVC community syndicates

#57 Dick Sietses, Health Innovations

#56 Matthew Le Merle, Blockchain co-investors

#55 Sean Seton-Rogers, PROfounders Capital

Privacy Policy

#54 Sam Cash, Project A

#53 Gary Sheynkman, Leyden Ventures

#52 Claus Rehfeld, Business Angel

#51 Winter Mead, Oper8r

#50 Finn Murphy, Frontline

#49 Cristobal Alonso, Startup Wiseguys

#48 Sebastian Mallaby, The Power Law

#47 Rokas Peciulaitis & Tomas Kemtys, Contrarian Ventures

#46 The Memo - 500 Startups, Enis Hulli

#45 Daniela Couto, Biogeneration Ventures

#44 Al Ramadan, PlayBigger

#43 Luis Shemtov & Elad Verbin, Founding Partners of Lunar Ventures

#42 Denny Chared, DC Finance

#41 Viktor Gällström, VEQ