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EUVC Newsletter | 02.06.23

EUVC #179: Follow-ons, ownership targets, ticket sizes & value add with Super Angel Eduardo Ronzano and Anthony Danon from Cocoa

EUVC #177: Co-investing with your GP/LP

#12 Bjarke Klinge Staun, Super Angel Investor

EUVC #176: Rewriting how private markets are run w/ Umerah & Martijn from LSEG & Floww 🎧

EUVC Newsletter | 16.05

What is the point and value of AGMs?

#175 Bruno Raillard, Frst

EUVC Newsletter | 8.5.23

Backing āltitude to create better access, earlier.

#11 Pranav Sood, Airwallex

How to evaluate deals and assess risk-return potential?

How to construct a risk-balanced portfolio? AngeI investment strategy deepdive

Angel Investing in the current environment | lessons from 100+ investments

The Rise of Angel LP Syndicates 😇

#174 Enrique Alvarado Hablutzel and Christin ter Braak-Forstinger, Chi Impact Capital

#172 Augustin Sayer, OVNI

EUVC Newsletter 18.04.23

#10 Francesco Simoneschi, TrueLayer

#172 Kim Lundberg, Vækstfonden

Chris Wade on Bad LP Behavior & 10 tips to deal with it.

#171 Nick de la Forge, Planet A

Pioneering Community Raises in European Venture

#170 Miguel Pinho, Seedcamp - Part II

#169 Andrus Oks, Tera VC and Martin Gorosko, EstBAN & Tehnopol - Latitude59

Web3 in '23 - where are we headed & how to capture it? | Replay available now

Founder wellbeing - what can and should investors do?

#09 Eduardo Ronzano, Secret Fund

#168 Miguel Pinho, Seedcamp - Part I

Understanding the context of family offices and enterprising families

Are you coming to bed?

#167 Bryan Duarte and Keyona Meeks, BlackTech Capital

EUVC Newsletter | 28.03.23

#166 Luca Zerbini, Una Terra

Debating Venture 2.0 with Christian Jølck & Rokas Peciuliatis at the Villar Summit by WEF/Uplink & The Villlar Institute

#08 Charlie Delingpole, ComplyAdvantage

The Mensch of Eastern European Venture - A session with Borys Musielak, Founding partner of SMOK 🐲 | Replay available now

#164 Isabelle O’Keeffe, Sure Valley Ventures

EUVC Newsletter | 20.3.23

#163 Eleanor Kaye, Newton Venture Program

#162 Dmitry Galperin, Runa Capital

#161 Thomas Otter, Acadian Ventures

#07 David Nothacker, Sennder

Campfire London | Replay available now 👀

#160 Matthias Engel and Sven Heiligtag, Vireo Ventures

#159 Siim Teller, Lemonade Stand

Championing European Women in VC

#158 Carlos Eduardo Espinal, SeedCamp

EUVC Newsletter | 27.02.23

#157 José del Barrio, Samaipata

#06 Anna & Noor, Invested

#156 Anne Solhaug Tutar, Antler

EUVC Newsletter | 20.02.23

#155 Jon Coker, Eka VC

#154 Diana Florescu, mediaforgrowth & Piyush Puri, Brand Capital International

EUVC Newsletter | 13.02.23

Turkey - how you can help

#153 Edward van Wezel, BioGeneration Ventures

#05 Alexandre Berriche, Fleet

#152 Sara Rywe, byFounders

EUVC Newsletter | 6.02.23

EUVC #151 Ali Karabey, 212

The Memo: SMOK Ventures Fund II

EUVC #150 Rune & Andreas, Ugly Duckling Ventures

EUVC #149 Borys and Diana, SMOK

Track Record Deep Dive w Betterfront | Replay available now 👀

Super Angel #04 Julia Morrongiello, ZeroHash

EUVC #148 Premysl Rubes, Presto Ventures

EUVC Newsletter | 24.01.23

EUVC #147 Annie Theriault, Cross-Border Impact Ventures

EUVC #146 Michiel Kotting, Northzone

EUVC Newsletter | 16.01.23

Super Angel #03 Joe Cross, Ex-operator Angel on thesis development, building networks and adding value

Super Angel #02 Keith Grose, Plaid, on the importance of grit, trust, and communication

Super Angel #01 Roxanne Varza, Station F, on investing internationally and being a baby LP in venture funds

EUVC #145 Monik Pham, Pact VC

EUVC #144 Fridtjof Berge, Antler

EUVC Newsletter | 9.1.23

EUVC #143 Chris Wade, Isomer - Part 2

PART II: Learnings from pioneering LP syndicates

EUVC #142 Chris Wade, Isomer - Part 1

EUVC Newsletter | 🎄End of Year Edition 🎆